Justin Timberlake surprises Twitter fans with free pizaa


Justin Timberlake became the ultimate role model on Wednesday night, and treated fans to free pizza in celebration of his new Netflix concert premiere.

Timberlake called upon famed filmmaker, Jonathan Demme, to capture the final date of is 20/20 Experience Tour, which wrapped up in January of 2015. The result, Justin Timberlake + the Tennessee Kids, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in Canada last month, and was released on the streaming site, Netflix, this week!

On Tuesday night, Timberlake took to Twitter to ask fans to share their favorite tour memories with the hashtags #TimberlakeAndChill & #YourCity. His favorites won free pizzas delivered to their houses the night of the premiere.

The winners were asked to snap the deliveries and share their feasts using the same hashtags. The results?

The 35-year-old “Mirror” singer seeked Demme for the project because of his 1984 Talking Heads masterpiece Stop Making Sense, which Justin calls “revolutionary.”

In an interview, Justin spoke of his decision to film the tour and claims he doesn’t know what’s coming next.

“I don’t know what I’m ever going to do next,” said Timberlake.

“You get to a place where you actually know nothing ahead of time and the only thing you can do is sort of realize certain things. I make a joke saying, ‘I’m not getting any younger,’ but who knows what the next experience is going to be?”

Most recently, Justin scored his fifth US number one single with “Cant Stop The Feeling!” for the Trolls Soundtrack. The up-tempo track was penned by Justin, himself, with the help of Shellback and Max Martin.

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