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Surprise! Katy Perry just released a new single, ‘Rise’

Stop what you’re doing and get to your iTunes account! Katy Perry is back and ready to “Rise!” The now “vindicated” rival of Taylor Swift just released a surprise single and is ready to slay.

And no, it’s not a diss track.

“Rise” dropped at 11 PM ET on iTunes and fans are still just finding out about the track. Now THAT’S how you surprise drop a single!

“Don’t be surprised, I will still rise,” Katy sings in the hook. So, maybe don’t be surprised then? Either way, “Rise” is the mature Katy Perry sound we’ve been waiting for. The pulsing beats that carry the song are accompanied by serious toned vocals.

“Oh, you have so little faith/ Don’t doubt it/ Victory is in your veins/ You know it,” are sung in the pre- chorus of the new single.

“Rise” is the first single release from the singer since “This Is How We Do” dropped in 2014, off of her Prism LP. The promotion from Prism¬†hinted at a darker, more serious toned release from the once bright-haired “California Gurl” singer, but failed to live up to the imagery provided.

A teaser clip for Prism‘s debut single showed Katy burning her “Baby Blue” wig in high contrast videography. Other clips released to promote “Roar” were equally dark in nature, but the single itself? Well, you know…

That didn’t stop the song from launching to number one though. “Roar” was wildly popular, spending 76 weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. Though, songs like “Birthday” and “This Is How We Do” fell short on the charts, the majority of Prism‘s tracklist was very well received by fans.

KP4 has very little promotion and KP4 isn’t even the official name of the upcoming¬†record, but if “Rise” is any comparison to what’s to come, Katy Perry might be releasing the best album of her career. The faulty “Roar” trailers had us hyped for years about a mature sounding Katy Perry, and “Rise” is the answer.

Check out the new single on iTunes here!

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