Katy Perry

The Lawsuit Against Kesha is About to Get A Whole Lot Messier

*Trigger Warning* As you probably already know, Kesha’s alleged rapist and famous Top 40 producer Lukas “Dr. Luke” Gottwald is still chipping away at his defamation lawsuit against the “Rainbow” singer. The story has been back in the headlines as of late thanks to two big reveals: that Dr. Luke […]


Katy Perry & Nicki Minaj “Swish Swish” Live at VMAs

“Swish Swish” duo Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj wrapped up Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards with a killer performance of the Taylor Swift diss track… which could have been weird since Taylor’s “Look What You Made Me Do” video premiered at the same show. Pointless celebrity drama aside, the performance […]


Here Are Your 2017 MTV VMA Winners!

Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards were packed with incredible performances, appearances by some of our favorite stars, entertaining political jabs, and even an empowering message about mental health and suicide awareness. But let’s not forget that the VMAs are an awards show. Here are the winners from this year’s […]


20 Empowering Pop Songs to Beat Depression

We all need a break sometimes, right? I know I do. Whether I’m going through a terrible breakup, sitting by the phone waiting to find out about a friend in the hospital, or just overcome with so much anxiety I don’t want to get out of bed, depression will find […]


Katy Perry’s New Single ‘Rise’ for 2016 Olympics

If you wake up with whiplash tomorrow, blame Katy Perry. The “Dark Horse” singer shook pop music on Thursday night by dropping her new single “Rise” just minutes after Britney Spears released her own lead single. “Rise” is a guaranteed chart-topper. The anthem was produced by Max Martin and gives us chills. […]


10 Quotes That Prove the Music Industry Needs a Revolution

1. When Lady Gaga started defending Kesha Rose against Dr. Luke, she admitted she and other artists are afraid of the industry. “Nobody wants to say anything implicitly against anyone. Number one, because none of us are vindictive people. We don’t want to hurt anybody. But number two, I think […]