Get high with Kelsy Karter's new song 'Out Of Drugs'

Get high with Kelsy Karter’s new song ‘Out Of Drugs’


Kelsy Karter has been a fresh face in the music business since moving to LA as a rebellious teenager, but her new song “Out Of Drugs” may be the high she needs to take the spotlight.

“Out Of Drugs” is a down-tempo, Lana Del Rey-esque track that would sound perfect as a lead single on radio. The song was released to YouTube with an accompanying music video last month.

“Tell me, babe, is this a bad trip or am I just tweaking on sadness? Will you still love me when I’m all out of drugs?” Karter asks a lover.

The “Out of Drugs” music video is a perfect blend of soft and deadly. In one scene, Karter and her man bite into donuts held up by a switchblade knife. In another, she holds the knife in one hand and a mic in the other while warning: “Don’t stop loving me.”

Karter released a six-track EP last October titled Kiss The Boys, which received rave reviews from magazines like Galore who compared her style and voice to Amy Winehouse. “Out Of Drugs” is her third single of 2016. Listen to other tracks on Soundcloud here or see them all on iTunes.

“Music allows me to live this passion for acting and storytelling. I feel like I was meant to live through the 50’s and 60’s, so I embrace that,” Karter writes on her website. “I am heavily influenced by James Brown, The Rolling Stones, James Dean, Elvis and Johnny Depp.

I love love, fight hard, and am irrevocably addicted to chaos..

Did we mention she can cut through steel with her voice? Okay, not literally, but check out this video from Instagram (below) and follow her for updates. Want to hear more? See her iTunes catalogue here.


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