Kesha loses her NYFW virginity, talks music and fans

Kesha Rose sat down with Yahoo! Style to discuss her first ever New York Fashion Week experience and the crazy directions she’s exploring for her next album.

The “Crazy Kids” singer was named the queen of Fashion Week by MTV after attending nine shows in six days to commemorate her first NYFW experience, but what we’re most interested in is new music.

“I’ve been working on new music for months now, obsessing in the studio all night. I have a lot of new music, but it’s been so all over the place. Some it’s like weird country, like talking about… Can I curse?” she asks before being cut off. “Well, it’s about stuff.”

The interviewers pointed out that Kesha, formerly known as Ke$ha, has dropped the dollar sign from her name.

“I kind of just outgrew the dollar sign. I still have a tattoo of dollar sign, so it’s never going to go away. It’s always going to be a part of me,” Kesha said.

When asked about communicating with her fans, Kesha schooled the interviewers and us, as well. Who knew “Mom” was a new online term for endearment?

“There’s a new term called ‘Mom.’ They call you ‘Mom,’ and at first I was like ‘Do I look like a mom right now?'” Kesha said. “I was scrolling through, and it’s a nice way of saying that you give them life. So, now I’ve started being like ‘Children, your mother will gift you with a new outfit,'” she teased.

Watch the clip from Yahoo! Style below or click here. You just have to see Kesha’s glamorous over-alls getup.



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