Kesha urges fans to vote for equality in heartfelt new video


Kesha and Vevo teamed up on Thursday to release a heartfelt, almost tear-jerking plea for music fans to go out and vote on November 8th. The star added a more specific request for citizens of North Carolina.

Although she didn’t specify who to vote for, the video’s focus on LGBT rights and same-sex marriage is clearly not intended for Donald Trump supporters.

“In this election especially, I feel like you’re choosing between someone who is promising to build walls and someone who is hopeful. If those are my two options, I definitely want to go with hope,” Kesha said.

Donald Trump has said since the first day of his campaign that he will build a wall around the U.S.-Mexico border, but less physical barriers are equally concerning. If elected president, Trump wants to revoke national same-sex marriages.

“I could never imagine punishing someone for loving a member of whatever sex or someone with whatever skin color. Love is love, period,” Kesha said.

The 29-year-old gave in to emotion and broke into tears as she recalled marrying two of her gay best friends, one of whom was with her the day she filmed the video for Vevo.

“We need to protect the laws that have been ground-breaking, that have been stepping in the correct direction,” Kesha begged.

It’s bigger than just who’s sitting in the White House.

Kesha also asked residents of North Carolina to vote for a new governor to fight the state’s backwards “bathroom law,” legislation that forces transgender youth and adults to use the bathroom corresponding with their birth gender.

“Be a part of repealing this absurd law,” she said.

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