Free Kesha: Why I’m Boycotting Dr. Luke & How You Can, Too

Disclaimer: This post was originally drafted in December 2015, added to in January and February, and published on the date above. This writer and this website recognize that the tragic acts reportedly committed by Dr. Luke are allegations and not proven facts. Any statements otherwise are a matter of opinion. […]

Kesha’s court case postponed to February 19

Kesha’s court date has been postponed due to this weekend’s snowstorm. Originally scheduled for January 26, the singer’s fight to be freed from her contract with Dr.Luke has been rescheduled for February 19. The singer shared the news on her social media accounts with a hand drawn heart expressing her love […]

Sony’s latest attempt at shutting down Kesha puts Adele on the spot

Despite the record label’s beloved roster and incredible talent, Sony’s business is weakening, and no one can cover it up. This year alone, the company suffered continuous box office failures, faced email hacks revealing racism running amok among executives, and may have lost $2 billion. Right before the trainwreck starts over […]

Kesha: No more music if I lose against Dr. Luke

Kesha (formerly known as Ke$ha) took producer Dr. Luke to court last October under accusations that he drugged, abused, and raped her while signed to his label. Sources say, if a decision isn’t made on the case soon, her career will be over. “Kesha is at an impasse,” her attorney, […]

Over 150 songs radio stations stopped playing after 9/11

If you’re hardcore into the online pop music fandoms, you’ll remember in 2012 when Kesha’s “Die Young” was pulled from radio following the devastating Sandy Hook shooting. The media’s thinking was “a lot of kids just died, so for the sake of our listeners let’s not play a song that might […]

Kesha will end her no-performance streak next week

Without being able to release new music yet, Kesha’s had to find other ways to make headlines this year from stunning fashion to cat videos. That being said, the “Crazy Kids” singer will return to the stage for a special event on April 16. Kesha will perform at the 9th […]