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Lady Gaga announces pooch fashion line

Put your paws up! No, literally. The newest creative venture by pop royalty Lady Gaga will be a luxury pet accessories line inspired by her beloved pooch, French bulldog Asia.

The announcement was made on her Twitter page whilst posting photoshoot-style pictures on Instagram, sending her Little Monster followers into a frenzy. In one photo, we see Miss Asia overlooking some fashionable design sketches with the caption, “I get hooked up with the finest in puppy products so I really have a knack for what’s quality. My vision is to find creative and functional ways for pets and their owners to bond!”

The overall aim of the project is to design and create functional, stylish and nutritional pet products, as Gaga is also planning on establishing a dog food line and clothing. Another Insta pic shows Asia sitting in what appears to be a farm garden, with the caption “ORGANIC GRAIN FREE FARM INGREDIENTS are the best for our body and brain. That’s what I eat! That’s why I’m also inspired to create a Pet Food Line. @MissAsiaKinney”

Lady Gaga and friends began working on the new project up to eight months ago.

“This is not just about crazy outfits for dogs,” Gaga’s manager, Bobby Campbell, revealed to Billboard. “It’s about giving pet parents and pet owners a fun and creative way for protecting their pets, as well as fun clothes to display on Instagram (because Gaga loves doing that!)”

No date for the launch has officially been set, but we’ve also heard that a portion of the company’s proceeds will go to local grassroot companies that work in protecting the welfare of animals and pets. We’ll be sure to sniff out what’s in store and report back!


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