Lady Gaga Makes MTV History as Most-Awarded Artist, Ever

Lady Gaga added two more awards to her endless collection on Sunday at the MTV Europe Music Awards. The singer and activist has received 35 MTV awards, more than any other artist in history, since her 2008 debut.

Gaga celebrated her wins for “Best Look” and “Best Female” from Japan where she is currently promoting her new album Joanne. Check out a video message she sent to the EMAs below.

Justin Bieber also ended the evening with two new awards, for “Best Fans” and “Best Song (‘Sorry’).” He lost “Best Male” to Shawn Mendes.

On Friday, Lady Gaga appeared at Japan’s News Zero to deliver a heartbreaking performance of the album’s title track. “Joanne,” as most fans know, is about her aunt who passed away before she was born.

“We wrote that song and the decision to name the album Joanne was ultimately in tribute to my father’s sister who died when she was 19,” Gaga said. “He was younger than her and she was very sick with lupus. The death of her in his family and in his life really left a scar and a wound that never healed.”

Watch the performance below and check out Joanne on iTunes or Amazon if you haven’t already!

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