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12 Lady Gaga songs that reference other Lady Gaga songs

With four studio albums, three EPs, and 20+ singles Lady Gaga has a lot to offer in way of her discography, not even counting her goldmine of unreleased tracks/ pre-fame delights. As far as Gaga’s music goes, you have hours-upon-hours of listening material, and dedicated Little Monsters have heard it all.

LG5 can drop any minute, but until that faithful day, monsters are stuck with their favorite Gaga throwbacks on repeat. From “Poker Face” to “Bloody Mary,” there’s more than enough music to keep you busy, and you may even pick up on some surprises along the way.

If you’re currently replaying your Lady Gaga collection, check out all the times Mother Monster referenced older songs in her music!
12 Lady Gaga songs that reference other Lady Gaga songs

“Just Dance” in “Monster”

Monster lyrics: “I wanna ‘Just Dance,’ but he took me home instead/ Oh oh, there was a monster in my bed.”

“Bad Romance” in “Dance In The Dark”

“Bad Romance” lyrics: “Walk, walk, fahsion baby/ Work it, I’m a free bitch,
“Dance In The Dark” lyrics: “Silicone, saline, poison, inject me/ I’m a free bitch, I’m a free bitch.”

“Love Game” in “Poker Face”

“Poker Face” lyrics: “Love Game intuition, play the card with spades to start/ And after he’s been hooked, I’ll play the one that’s on his heart.” 

“Paparazzi” in “Cake”

“Cake” lyrics: “I’ll snatch your fu**ing weave out, bitch/ In front of paparazzi, singing ‘Paparazzi’ in this bitch.”

“Born This Way” in “Heavy Metal Lover”

“Born This Way” lyrics: “There ain’t no other way, baby, we were born this way.”
“Heavy Metal Lover” lyrics: “Wash the night with St.Jameson, like a baptism/ Heavy Metal Lovers play, ‘Baby we were born this way.” 

“ARTPOP” in “Applause” and “Aura”

“Applause” lyrics: “A-R-T-P-O-P” is spelled out during outro.


“Aura” lyrics: “Dance, sex, ARTPOP, Tech,” are said during bridge and “ARTPOP” is said at the end of “Aura.” 

“Scheiße” in “Gypsy”

“Scheiße” lyrics: 
“I don’t speak German, but I can if you’d like.”
“Gypsy” lyrics: “I don’t speak German, but I try.” 

“Teeth” in “Bloody Mary”

“Teeth” lyrics: “My religion is you, My religion is you.”
“Bloody Mary” lyrics: “When you’re gone, I’ll tell them my religion is you.”

“Earthquake” in “Fashion Of His Love”

“Fashion Of His Love” reuses the bridge from an older demo called, “Earthquake.”


“Marry The Night” in “Fashion!”

“Marry The Night” lyrics: “I’m gonna marry the night/ I’m not gonna cry anymore.”
“Fashion!” lyrics: “Display your diamonds and pearls/ Married to the night, I own the world.” 

“Princess Die” in “Stache”

“Stache” lyrics: “Princess Die high, Princess High Die, Where’s my stache/ I want to get high.”

“Blueberry Kisses” in “Let Love Down”

“Let Love Down” lyrics: “When we’re not together/ Just sing a little song, ‘Blueberry Kisses,’ forever.”

Did you catch all those? Let us know if you noticed any that we missed!

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