LEAK ALERT! Lady Gaga ft. Azealia Banks – Red Flame

Lady Gaga’s long-forgotten ARTPOP reject featuring controversial rapper Azealia Banks leaked online on Sunday, giving fans new material during the wait for the star’s fifth studio album. Listen to “Red Flame” below.


The song is similar to another ARTPOP outtake, “Partynauseous” with Kendrick Lamar, which you can hear below. There’s no clear answer why a finished version of the “Red Flame” demo didn’t make the 2013 album, but Lady Gaga has said that Banks has a “bad attitude.

Banks is known for her Twitter-powered abuse towards other artists and personalities, including a recent transphobic comment made towards Zayn Malik.

Lady Gaga’s fifth album, known by fans as LG5, is expected to drop later this year with a lead single coming by the first week of September. A jazz album with Tony Bennett is also in the works for a 2017 release.


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