Lady Gaga

#LGBirthdaySurprise is ready for delivery!

Thank you guys for making our birthday gift to Lady Gaga so special! We raised a total of $405 from 37 fans in five days, with $235 spent on delivering roses to LG for her birthday and $170 that will be donated to The Born This Way Foundation on March 28.

#LGBirthdaySurprise was a very quick and easy fan project, but it was also an opportunity to see how much interest there is for organized and professionally developed projects for fans to give back to their favorite artists. If you’ve been to the website before, you’ll notice a change in our look and priorities, with fan projects becoming the driving force of the unique experience we offer pop music fans.

We will post again on Wednesday with confirmation of the delivery to Lady Gaga, which was scheduled for March 25 to accommodate her schedule. Take a look below at the letter she’ll receive with her flowers.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 7.11.30 PM

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