Listen: Lady Gaga's 'Gypsy' and 'Burqa' demos leak

Listen: Lady Gaga’s ‘Gypsy’ and ‘Burqa’ demos leak


Just when the ARTPOP era seems to be fading behind cowboy hats and denim, Lady Gaga’s demos are almost as exciting as new music!

A standout from 2013’s ARTPOP sounds near-finished in demo form, with a total change in lyrics and an added piano intro.

“But, then we kissed all night at his mission beach party,” Gaga sings in the “Gypsy” demo before a familiar chorus.

The second verse had a complete change up compared to the recorded version. Fans are currently deciding which version of “Gypsy” they like best over social media.

The “Gypsy” leak was only one of many ARTPOP leaks today. The demo for “Aura” also leaked in the form of “Burqa,” one of the first song titles revealed for ARTPOP.

Aside from a chorus change and minor lyric edits, “Burqa” sounds very similar to the finished track.

Check out the demo versions of “Applause,” “Burqa,” and the unreleased “Brooklyn Nights” below:


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