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Listen: Neon Hitch – Fresh Out The Box

The music gods have rounded off an awesome weekend with an upbeat leak! Fans of Neon Hitch discovered a track titled “Fresh Out The Box” leaked on Soundcloud.

The London-born travelling performer and pop star has been silent about the leak so far, but don’t be surprised if a final version of “Fresh Out The Box” makes its way on to Neon Hitch’s debut album, rumored to drop this Spring.

Fans have waited years for a LP release from the artist. After signing to Warner Bros. Records in 2010, work began on Neon Hitch’s first expected album, Beg, Borrow and Steal. Neon announced the album was scrapped in November 2013.

She left the label the following year and has since explained that there was no interest in her progression after a shift in power at Warner Bros. Since 2014, Neon has released multiple singles and spoken excitedly about working on her fresh debut album, Eleutheromaniac.

“Fresh Out The Box” may be a demo from 2013 since one of the lyrics references two songs released that summer: Lady Gaga’s “Applause” and Katy Perry’s “Roar.” Listen to the song above and leave a comment letting Neon know what you think!


Neon Hitch “Fresh Out The Box” Lyrics

I wanna see me on the bill-y bill-y board
When I’m walking on the boul-y-boul-y vard
Stop off at the whiskey bar,
Tie my hair up in a headscarf, yup
Hitch a ride down to Santa Monica
I met a fella and he took me in his car
I said, I’m fresh out of London town.
He said that I’m attractive.
He said he loved my accent.

(Uh uh) It’s so hot in here.
(Uh uh) It’s freaking hot in here.
(Uh uh) You got some AC?
I’m rolling down the window.
I’m climbing out the window.

Hey, now here we are.
Mama always said,
Neon, you’s a star.
Tight on cash, but we look the part.
We sing fresh out the box, yeah.
Fresh out the box

Hey, now here I am.
Living it up in a caravan.
Vintage, baby. That’s what I am,
Yeah I’m fresh out the box.
Yeah fresh out the box.

So fresh out the box.
So fresh out the box.
Fresh out the box, yeah.
Fresh out the box.

Yeah, fresh out the box.
Did you hear me?
So fresh out the box.
End of Chorus

Now I’m singing for my supper everyday.
Hustle money, money, money, getting paid.
Everywhere I go I make a friend,
I just gave my number to a homeless man.

I’m the Queen of the simplest of things.
Got fruit on my head, I don’t need the bling bling.
I don’t need applause, I don’t need to roar.
I’ve got the whole world at my front door.

(Uh uh) It’s still hot in here.
(Uh uh) It’s freaking hot in here.
(Uh uh) You got some AC?
I’m rolling down the window.
I’m climbing out the window.

Repeat Chorus 2x

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