Little Monsters are boycotting Spotify's streaming services

Little Monsters are boycotting Spotify’s streaming services


Lady Gaga has been living up to her self-proclaimed prophecy of “exploding” into her thirties, and with a world tour on the way she shows zero signs of stopping. Not even streaming giant, Spotify, will dim this Lady’s shine.

After Gaga’s latest single, “Million Reasons” sky rocketed to #4 on Billboard‘s hot 100 chart, fans noticed the track was the only Top Ten hit to be excluded from Spotify’s “Top Hits” playlist.



Not only has “Million Reasons” been shafted, Gaga’s entire discography is getting increasingly difficult to find. For example, if you wanted to find “California Gurls” by Katy Perry on Spotify, you can find it without typing the full title with Spotify’s predictive suggestions.

This is the case with most songs, even older hits with less streaming popularity.

Things change when it comes to Lady Gaga’s records. When searching for “Million Reasons” with it’s full title, Spotify brings up covers of the track before Gaga’s. This, despite the song’s recent rise of popularity following the star’s Super Bowl 51 performance which launched it to number one on iTunes.

The same flaw applies to Gaga’s earlier hits such as “Bad Romance.” The top results include remixes, covers, and songs from other artists.

In fact, this happens to all of Lady Gaga’s songs, but only in the US.

The “boycott” of Lady Gaga comes to little surprise to Monsters, as it comes shortly after the streaming giant hired Gaga’s former manager as its head of creator services. This means, Troy Carter, who left Gaga in 2013, is in charge of Spotify’s relationships with its artists. Coincidence? Little Monster’s think not.

Though, Gaga and her team have yet to comment on the situation, her army of supporters have a “Million Reasons” to walk away from Spotify.

This morning, the hashtag #SpotifyStopBoycottingGaga began trending on Twitter. The angry fans are switching to other streaming networks like Apple Music, who keep Mother Monster in steady circulation.

Will you be boycotting Spotify? Do you think Troy Carter is to blame for this screw up? Let us know what you think!

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