Lorde Performs “Perfect Places” and Admits to Onion Ring Account

Thursday night on The Tonight Show Lorde performed “Perfect Places”, off her album Melodrama and also revels some delicious, onion ring shaped secrets.

She gives a simple,but powerful rendition of the hit single, using only a three piece band. The highly anticipated album was released on Friday, June 16th. Check out the video below if you missed her performance.


In the interview portion Fallon throws the star for a loop when he asked “Do you like onion rings.” After rumors of Lorde running an anonymous onion ring rating instagram took over, the Tonight Show host finally got her to fess up to the account.

She explains that, “..it was a funny thing with my friends on the tour,” but quickly removed the account once people started speculating fearing it “would read like the kind of thing a pop star does to, like, look relatable.” 

Lorde still plans on consuming all of the delicious onion rings she can manage. She even reveled what she considers makes the best onion rings. Watch the interview below to find out what they are.

If you missed a chance to see the account, look below for a screenshot.



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