Lorde teases new 'Melodrama' single

Lorde teases new ‘Melodrama’ single


The New Zealand songstress is back again with a new single dropping this Friday! Lorde shared lyrics from the new track on her social media pages last night with NYC and NZ release times.

The singer is also set to headline the opening night of Governors Ball that evening, only two weeks before her album’s release.

The lyrics read: “Every night I live and die – Feel the party to my bones.”

As for which Melodrama track we will be enlightened to, we’re uncertain, but the lyrics have us ready for more!

Lorde recently revealed that the next song to be unveiled from ‘Melodrama’ is the best thing she’s ever written and ‘sounds like nothing else she’s ever done’.

“Fine tuning the plan for the whole year,” she wrote on Twitter. “Holy shit you guys have no idea there’s so much cool stuff coming…all these beautiful insane moments  – AH you’re gonna die.”

She added: “And the music… this next song is like my favourite thing I’ve ever done. It truly sounds like nothing I’ve heard in the best way.”

Melodrama drops June 16! Check out the track list here:



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