Lorde’s little sister releases ‘Sticky Notes’

Lorde just kicked off the North American leg of her ‘Melodrama World Tour,’ while her sister, Indy Yelich, is making money moves of her own! Indy just released her first poetry book last month to stellar reviews.

“Sticky Notes” contains over 60 unique poems divided between two chapters of “LA” and “NY.” The chapters mirror where most of Indy’s adult life has been divided.

In a recent interview with Refinery 29, Indy Yelich praises her pop star sister, saying she doesn’t get annoyed by the association to Lorde. In fact, Lorde inspires her to try and accomplish something similar on her own. With the steady rise of Indy’s social media presence and the release of her collection, she is well on her way!

The rising star has nearly 30,000 followers on her Instagram account, which she uses to share her ever-growing mind in a way only she can.

In “Sticky Notes,” readers can expect poetic excerpts from a 19-year-old’s life, following heart break, confusion, inspirations, and the need to feel human  in a human way. Indy posted a poem from the LA chapter of her book called “delicate us” on her Insta account. Check it out below:

tuesday nights are for shedding your skin of old lovers fingerprints ??

A post shared by indy rose (@indyyelich1) on


Outside of her words, the poet also has some pipes of her own. Last year, she uploaded a cover of Julia Michaels’ “Issues” on her Youtube channel.

Stay tuned for more news on Indy and check out “Sticky Notes” right here!


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