Lorde’s next album is ‘SO VALIDATING’

Two years after the release of Pure Heroin, Lorde confirms she has started working on her next album. The “Royals” singer just updated her Tumblr page with an inspiring message about her love of music and the way her fans respond.

In the post, she apologizes for her time off, but she also says she really enjoyed it! She then goes on to talk about her “next body of work,” calling it “SO VALIDATING.”

hey, you guys. i know it’s been a minute since i came on here, and i feel terrible about that, but i hope your year has at least been manageable, and hopefully even fun. i’m thinking of you.

i took a few months off at the beginning of this year, which was so great – i did a bunch of swimming and driving around and being salty – and now i’m just getting into making the next body of work, which is very exciting and scary but SO VALIDATING

The alternative pop sensation then shared a personal story about her time in the studio. She asked her friends to pick one song they would send into space and live off of, if they had to. One person chose “Perfect Day” by Lou Reed and another chose “God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys. Lorde reminisced about both of those songs before sharing her answer.

i thought about it for a while, thought about talking heads and fleetwood mac and nina simone, but the song that came out of my mouth was ‘dancing on my own’ by robyn. this song, to me, is perfect. it’s happy and sad, fiery and independent but vulnerable and small, joyous even when a heart is breaking. every line is perfect

Her story became oddly surreal when she described the way she danced to “Dancing On My Own” and formed a new connection to music. Lorde is notorious for her odd dancing style while on stage, but when she described it… it sounds incredible.

i was up out of my seat dancing with my eyes screwed shut, and my hands up around my ears, and we looked into each other’s eyes and sang the words, and i could feel something hot and teary in the back of my throat just from FEELING so much at once. and i think it was then when i realized i’m going to be in love with music for the rest of my life.

Her new proclaimed love of music and excitement over her sophomore album makes us extremely excited for her return to the music scene! There are very little details about the album, but at least we know it’s coming right? You can find her full Tumblr post here and keep up with her album news at POPULOVE!

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