Mac Gollehon teases "No More Drama" for his upcoming NYC tour

Mac Gollehon teases “No More Drama” for his upcoming NYC tour


If you are looking for something new to listen to but you do not want to stray away from EDM, we highly recommend you check out “No More Drama” by Mac Gollehon. This is definitely something quite unique that I can guarantee you that you have not listened to. It is Electronic music mixed in with the culture of Latin America, something that you can really swing your hips to and really revel in the feeling of the music. It adds the beat of typical Latin song with cowbells and steady rhythms from the drums that allows you to do the 1,2 step, a la Selena. Adding another element to the already unique sound is the fact that Mac Gollehon adds his expertise in the craft of a trumpet. This adds more flair to the exotic cultural sound that you are listening to. You will feel like you are in a party that will not end anytime soon because you are having too much fun.

Make no mistake, it keeps many of the same elements that Electronic music that we are used to as we hear how heavy the bass is and the intricate guitars that almost sound to the point of synthesizers. It is an interesting element to mix in all these different sounds at different times but the genius of Mac Gollehon somehow makes it work. That truly is the essence of mastering your craft, when you are able to take things that are not supposed to go together but turn it into something magnificent. It’s inspiring to see Mac indulge in “No More Drama” because we can picture it in our minds seeing him with all these instruments and having the time of his life so that we can too. Give “No More Drama” a listen down below. If you happen to really like it and happened to be in the area of New York, check him out December 2nd in Leftfield at 8 p.m. 87 Ludlow St. NYC.

December 3 at SOB’s two shows 8PM and 10PM. 204 Varick St. NYC.

December 4 The Silent Barn showtime 9:30 PM. 603 Bushwick Ave  Brooklyn




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