Madonna’s Grammy mic feed leaks, might shock you

A mic feed from the Grammys has leaked, revealing Madonna’s isolated, un-autotuned vocals during her performance of “Living For Love.”

For those who don’t know, a mic feed is exactly what it sounds like: an audio clip that is only the sounds coming through a performer’s microphone. This is actually easy for someone working in sound mixing and engineering to get his or her hands on, and mic feed leaks have become more popular in the past couple years.

While you definitely can make out Madonna’s live vocals during the chorus, during the versus it’s sometimes difficult to differentiate between live vocals and pre-recorded backing vocals. Notice there are vocals that you can hear as clear as the live vocals even when Madonna isn’t singing and doesn’t have the mic to her face. An isolated mic feed wouldn’t include these backing vocals.

You can listen to the audio here or below, and please leave a comment letting us know if you’re impressed or not.



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