Exclusive: Maggie Szabo talks new music and life in LA

The soulful-pop singer on the rise, Maggie Szabo, is hard at work on her second full-length album. The follow-up to her 2012 release, Now Hear Me Out, is building hype with each single release, including “Forgive And Forget,” “Touch The Ground,” and now “Gold”! The two-year gap between Szabo’s first and second LPs proved to be a growing period for the Canadian artist.

Moving from Nashville to Los Angeles, Maggie Szabo has a new sound, new music, and a new life! Though, one thing that will always remain with this songwriter, is the honesty she pours into her craft. Maggie has songwriting credit in every song she records, as she follows in the footsteps of her songwriting idols.

 Maggie recently released her new single “Forgive and Forget”, which was exclusively premiered by Yahoo Music, featured by Jay-Z’s music platform ‘Tidal’, and shared by some of the industry’s most established music blogs! Following the release of her newest single, “Gold,” we caught up with Maggie to talk about her new music and her climb into a rapidly changing music industry!

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POPULOVE: Your last album was released in 2012, how has your sound evolved for this new record?

Maggie: The first album I released, Now Hear Me Out,  I wrote and recording in Nashville and Toronto. It was my first real full-length album, so it’s definitely a little more pop now. I moved to LA since releasing that album and I’m more focused  on singles and music videos. This album is more honest. I co-write all the material just like I did on my first album, but the songs are a little bit deeper! I think it’s more fun and there’s a lot more soul elements added. I call my style ‘soulful pop.

POPULOVE: Are your recent singles, “Forgive And Forget” and “Touch The Ground” from your new album?

Maggie: Yeah, they’ll be on the new album. It’s just now with how the music industry has changed so much, it feels like a single world. So I’ve been having fun just releasing singles as I go, but yeah eventually “Forgive And Forget” and “Touch The Ground” will be on the album.

POPULOVE: Does the changing music industry scare you at all?

Maggie: I think it’s more unpredictable in a way. A lot of people don’t know how to navigate around it, but that makes it exciting. So, that part’s not scary. The whole, being a singer and songwriter thing, at the end of the day is a little more intimidating, but I love it. I wouldn’t say the changes in the industry are scary. It’s just a new adventure.

POPULOVE: As an artist, who inspires you?

Maggie: I’ve always been a huge fan of Carole King. I’ve admired her because she’s a songwriter as well as an artist. I like Tracy Chapman, Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Bryan Adams. John Mayer, and so many great artists.

POPULOVE: What is your writing process like?

Maggie: It’s always different, which is what I love about it. Sometimes, I’ll be at home and I’ll write a song because I need to express myself, so I sit at the piano and things will start coming out. Sometimes, I’ll be with a producer or songwriter and we’ll talk about the direction we want to go in. It really depends on the situation and the person I’m working with.

POPULOVE: Is there a song you’re most proud of?

There is a new song called ‘Smile.’ I wrote it a couple months ago and we shot a music video for it. I’m really proud of that one. These really great producers from Amsterdam played this really cool piano track and in twenty minutes I wrote this great song. It was totally inspired by true life.

POPULOVE: How long did it take you to learn the choreography for your “Forgive And Forget” music video?

Maggie: That was scary! I used to dance growing up, but haven’t in a while and Chris Brochu, who is my co-star, never danced professionally! We were both in the same boat, so it was challenging, but so much fun! We had an amazing choreographer, though. We got together for a full day and walked through all the steps over and over. It was a gradual process, but the nice thing was that we didn’t have to get it on the first try. We could shoot it over and over again. We spent an entire day on it though.

POPULOVE: Do you like living in LA?

I love it here! I always wanted to move here. I don’t if it’s because of the sun or the music industry, but I always wanted to move out here. It was hard at first. I moved from Canada to Nashville initially, which was closer to home. After I signed to my label, I flew to LA for a writing trip and fell in love with it! I moved here right away.

POPULOVE: Do you have any singles planned after “Gold”?

Maggie: We are releasing “Smile” in about two weeks!

POPULOVE: That’s exciting! What else do you have planned?

Maggie: I’m leaving for Amsterdam soon to work with some great writers and producers! So that will be a new adventure for me.

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