Marina And The Diamonds Preparing for Next Album

Only six months have passed since Marina Diamandis officially wrapped up her Froot album cycle and told fans she needed a short break, but that break is already over!

Using as few words as possible, Marina and the Diamonds tweeted today, Friday, that she is back in the studio writing new music. “Writing/ Studio,” she wrote.

During a live Twitter Q&A in April, the 30-year-old told fans that she needed a break from the business to spend time exploring other opportunities.

“It’s been an absolute dream. I achieved so many things that I’ve been trying to for many years,” she said. “Now, I’m gonna take a little break to do some different things. I’ve been on the road for seven years. I’ve had an amazing, amazing experience. This isn’t goodbye for good, it’s just for a short while.”

Her 2015 album was her most successful to date, with Froot reaching the top 10 list for album sales in the U.S., U.K., and Canada in its first week. Froot later reached No.12 on album charts in Australia and New Zealand, outselling previous albums Electra Heart and The Family Jewels.

During the #FAQINHELL chat with her fans, Marina said that Froot’s success left her feeling “understood as a person and artist.” She felt accomplished rather than eager to release another album immediately afterwards.

New music is likely to drop next year with new singles, videos, and –of course– a whole new album.

We’re ready when you are, Marina!

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