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Marina’s ‘FROOT’: A track-by-track review

If you aren’t anticipating the April 3rd release of the new Marina and the Diamonds album, FROOT, then you should be. This mellow follow-up to Electra Heart shows a less energetic, more personal side of the “How To Be A Heartbreaker,” and nearly every song has a chance to be your favorite.

Happy – There’s some irony in this song. Although the song is about finding happiness while independent, the tune feels like a downer. Maybe the happiness Marina is describing in the song isn’t the best happiness she’s felt? “Now you know / you know it all / that I’ve been desperately alone / I haven’t found the one for me / but I believe in divinity,” Marina sings. The production on the song grows stronger and more upbeat as the track progresses. The best thing to take away from the opening track on FROOT is not to expect the electric thrill of Electra Heart. Still, there’s much to be appreciated in Marina’s lyrics and vocals. – 4/5

FROOT – As mentioned in 10 lyrics we love from FROOT, this song uses an interesting metaphor of ripe fruit for horniness. “Living life dolce vita / life couldn’t get much sweeter / don’t you give me a reason / that it’s not the right season,” Marina sings, begging her man to give her the hot love she wants. The song draws in memories of my last relationship, and Marina’s high-pitched vocals in the pre-chorus put a smile on my face. The melody is catchy, the song has serious undertones but is simultaneously bouncy, and it makes me want to go dancing. Possibly with grapes in hand, or an apple. On first listen, most Marina fans may not be sure what to make of the song, but give it a few listens and try hard not to fall in love. – 5/5

I’m A Ruin – “I know that I can have it all / but without you I am afraid I’ll fall. / I know I’m playing with your heart / and I could treat you better but I’m not that smart,” Marina sings. Marina has always had a way of admitting her flaws in her songwriting, and “I’m A Ruin” perfectly exemplifies that. The song will have the greatest impact on listeners nearing the end of a relationship or who have just gotten out of a relationship. For the average listener though, I expect “I’m A Ruin” won’t be the most-discussed track from the album. – 4/5

Blue – This anti-break-up track is the musical lift listeners need after hearing “I’m A Ruin.” The song begins with a bright but empty production underneath the lyrics “We’ve broken up and now I regret it / I said goodbye when I shouldn’t have said it / I even cried but I never meant it / and I don’t know why but I can’t forget it.” The song then immediately picks up with a heavy beat, leading into the chorus. “I don’t wanna feel blue any more / Gimme one more night.” Like “Happy” feels sad, “Blue” feels red. Mark my words, there will be some outstanding club mixes of this track. I actually wish I could hit “repeat” rather than continue this review. This is the song to play for your friends when convincing them that Marina deserves their fan-hood. – 5/5

Forget – Add a couple more synths to the track, and “Forget” sounds like an outtake from Electra Heart. “I have lived my life in debt / I spend my days in deep regret / yeah I’ve been living in the red / cuz I can’t forgive and I can’t forget,” Marina sings. The track’s production doesn’t have the same unique FROOT touch that the previous tracks have had, but Marina’s vocals are oozing with feeling. The song’s existence on the album feels like it may be personally important to Marina, but otherwise “Forget” is somewhat forgettable. – 3/5

Gold – “Yeah I know that I need the gold / but what I love can’t be bought or sold,” Marina sings on this track about wanting love with or without money. The sound of “Gold” is calm and relaxing, and I enjoyed listening to it, but the song falls short of memorable and sounds more like a scrapped demo than something worth including on the album. – 2/5

Can’t Pin Me Down – This upbeat, rebellious track brings us back to the Marina we know and love. “You might think I’m one thing / but I am another / You can’t call my bluff / Time to back up, motherfucker,” Marina sings. “I am never gonna give you anything you expect / You think I’m like the others / but you need to get your eyes checked.” Marina tells listeners she’s not the average woman, won’t be the stay-at-home wife, and definitely won’t make decisions for a man before herself. This song is perfect for the shower and for road trips with the roof back. – 5/5

Solitaire – I like “Solitaire,” but there’s a few bits to dislike, too. The production on this track is incredible and minimalistic at the same time. Marina describes being alone as her time to remember that she is not just another shiny pop star but an individual artist. I had to pull up the lyrics to this track before I could like it. It’s hard to make out what Marina is saying in parts of the song, and despite the positive meaning in the song, Marina sounds kind of depressed. – 3/5

Better Than That – Hello, Rock Marina! This heavy track tells a story in which Marina is slamming the woman that a man is with, saying he can do better than that. “She’s the apple of everybody’s eye / with an angel voice / devil in disguise,” Marina sings of this wicked bitch. Honestly, there are a few pop stars I could imagine this track being written about, but I won’t name names. This is the track for every girl who sees her crush hanging out with another girl, especially — and I don’t mean to slut-shame — but especially if that girl is a slut. I want a music video for this track right now, and I want at least one person to break a beer bottle in the video. Tough expectations? Tell that to this tough fucking track. Kudos to the producer, too. – 5/5

Weeds – I love this song. “You know the problem with history / It keeps coming back like weeds,” Marina sings. Marina is begging her love to see the weeds growing inside her, weeds of the love he taught her. “I don’t know what I can do / I thought I cut him at the root.” She’s battling with feelings that won’t go away, but her vocals and the production embrace those feelings. You have to listen to this one, and look up the lyrics if necessary. – 5/5

Savages – “I’m not afraid of God / I am afraid of man,” Marina sings in this track about human instinct. This track is more about society than Marina as a person, which you’re used to if you’re a fan of Electra Heart. “Underneath it all, we’re just savages / Hidden behind shirts, ties and marriages,” she sings. I’ve seen a lot of Marina fans hyping this track on social media, and it’s deserving of the praise. My favorite lyric: “Are you killing for yourself or killing for your savior?” This track holds so much meaning. – 5/5

Immortal – Don’t play this at a party, kids. The song will kill the party. Both about society and Marina as a person, the song describes why we as humans desire everlasting life, immortality. “If I could buy forever at a price / I would buy it twice,” she sings. Hearing “everybody dies” as many times as she sings it in the song is really depressing. This song is Marina’s version of Beyoncé’s “I Was Here.” “Oh, all the things that humans do to leave behind a little proof / but the only thing that doesn’t die is love, love, love.” The song brings a bittersweet end to the album but is deserving of the last spot on the tracklist. – 4/5

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If you haven’t already, you can pre-order FROOT here and purchase Electra Heart here. Let me know in the comments what album you’d like me to review next!

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