Max Frost releases new song ‘President’

Max Frost just released his new song “President” and it couldn’t have come at a better time! These days, it seems like the election is more of a reality show than a presidential race and Frost took note of that.


In the official audio for “President” posted on YouTube, Max illustrates each of the remaining candidates in an eye candy semi-vid. In a social media post, the singer shared his video with a message about making your voice heard during this election.

“I’m releasing a new song called “President” today that I’ve written in reaction to our current race for president in the US.” He added, “While the song doesn’t have a specific political agenda, my aim is to show how disenfranchised my generation has become with our political system. It’s become a TV show and we are merely the observers. Even the popular candidate’s chances are dissolved by the convolution of a broken government that, even after it is exposed, continues to operate as a plutocracy. How are we suppose to care when all outcomes feel the same? ”

He ended the thought with the hashtag #MakeYourVoiceHeard, a liberty some take for granted.


In the new track, Maz Frost sings, “I don’t give a damn who’s president, tapping on the phone line,” and asks “Who [are] you supposed to feel when it all ain’t real?” Though, he says the song has no political agenda, his message is about the plutocracy of the government. Listen to the song below!

If you like “President,” check out more from Max Frost. His EP Intoxication can be found here!

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