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Meet Jason Elizondo, Ohio’s most-talked-about student artist

Jason Elizondo, a self-titled Little Monster and phenomenal art student in Columbus, Ohio, has recently done work for Lady Gaga talk show Radio ARTPOP and famous drag queens. His latest works are being sold in a store near his hometown.

For the illustration above (or below, depending where you look), Jason told POPULOVE he was inspired by the pop stars’ roles as strong females in the music industry and how each portrays fame through their music and art.

“I wanted to capture these three as a symbol of icons, not only through my experience, but in today’s culture. There’s a lot of symbolism in the piece, but fame, the presence each figure has in my life, and the artistry behind each figure’s story, is the “meat” of the piece,” Jason said.

Gaga_Marina_Lana Brand

The style in this piece has been used in a few previous pieces in Jason’s collection, but like many artists he started out producing work that was “hyper-realistic” and almost like a photograph of the subject. He began to change things up a bit and experiment with different styles after feeling like he was putting himself in a box by only doing what was expected of him.

“I wanted to make something authentic to my experiences. I exaggerated elements of each of these figures, accentuating their philtrums and cheekbones. I wanted them to be realistic, but in a way de-humanize them as fame has by blocking out the eyes and making them appear as though they are looking down at you.”

Jason’s favorite art subject? You guessed it: Lady Gaga. The Little Monster has been drawing Mother Monster for six years but never practiced with this style until shortly over a year ago.

“I love drawing her. Her long eyelids, her big teeth, her Italian nose. Drawing her is like drawing a different figure every time. Her outer appearance changes so much, my viewers who are not familiar with Gaga don’t even connect that my pieces are the same person,” Jason said.

Lady Gaga fans are passionate about their love for her, and Jason is the same and notes that she inspires him beyond his artwork.

“Calling her an inspiration is such an understatement,” he said. “She has saved my life — quite literally — and helped shape me as a person and as an artist. Her avant-garde and almost grotesque aesthetic in her fashion and artistry inspires me the most. Her innovative ideas and awareness of her self-worth and attitude is not only admirable but articulative. I don’t think she’ll ever stop inspiring me.”

10922351_1586276891584919_6603911894742700742_oJason says he’s been drawing since he could hold a pencil without the help of his parents, and his focus has always been on female figures. As a kid, his subjects ranged from Princess Peach from Mario to Storm from X-Men and even WWE diva Lita.

“I loved the idea of their femininity and power. I always resonated with this sense of women and their empowerment, and sense of breaking the mold,” Jason said.

You can see more of Jason’s work on Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, LittleMonsters, and Digication. He is currently in the process of establishing a personal website for fans to buy his artwork.

“The best way for readers to see my work is on my temporary website linked to my collage, called Digication,” Jason added. “It has all my work from 2012 and on.”

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