Melanie Martinez is releasing her first fragrance in December


Melanie Martinez is back at it again, this time the Cry Baby star is releasing the first scent of her fragrance line!

Melanie announced this morning that she had been working on Cry Baby Perfume Milk for months now, but has been planning it since the release of her debut album Cry Baby last year.

The perfume is a “blend of sugary and spicy scents, with burnt caramel and woods combining for what she describes as a ‘nostalgic and sweet’ smell” according to the original press release by Billboard.

As for packaging, the bottle is designed to look like a vintage baby bottle and even has a twist off rubber cap. The actual perfume appears as a white milky-substance, but ultimately sprays clear. Check out the Cry Baby Perfume Milk commercial below!

This isn’t only Melanie’s first stab in the fragrance department, it is also Atlantic Records’ first attempt at a perfume release. Melanie called the process “magic,” and Nina Webb. VP of Marketing at Atlantic, was also totally on board with the project.

To be able to work with an artist like Melanie who has built such a loyal and passionate fan base is always the ultimate dream in artist development,” she told Billboard. “Melanie’s fans love and trust what she delivers, so we were excited to bring her vision to life.”

Cry Baby Perfume Milk will be available in the continental US and sold online at beginning Dec. 19, but you can pre-order the fragrance now.

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