Melanie Martinez to release vinyl EP

Melanie Martinez to release vinyl EP


Melanie Martinez released her debut album just over a year ago, and next month she will be releasing a vinyl collection of previously released tracks.

CryBaby’s Extra Clutter is available for pre-order at Ubran Outfitter’s website and is set to release on November 25. The tracklist is composed of pre-existing Melanie tunes including: “Teddy Bear,” “Cake,” “Play Date,” and “Gingerbread Man.”

Though, no new tracks are going to be available on the November release date, it will be the first time the deluxe edition tracks from Cry Baby will be available on Vinyl and the first time “Gingerbread Man” will be released outside of its digital format.

Originally, “Gingerbread Man” was released as an early Christmas gift to Melanie’s Cry Babies. In the dream-like synths of the “I don’t need a man” holiday tune, Melanie quits chasing after Prince Charming and settles for the love of her gingerbread man.

The EP’s title comes from the singer’s alter-ego, Cry Baby, who had the lead role in her debut album’s storyline. The cover art features Cry Baby’s head resting among the toys that roam her shelves.


You can follow the original story of Cry Baby here!

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