Melanie Martinez

Gallery: Melanie Martinez proves her growth on ‘K-12 Tour’

It’s time for class and Melanie Martinez is getting all A’s. On the singer’s latest outing, the “K-12 Tour,” Martinez brings her visual album to life in her most extravagant live performances yet. Melanie’s sophomore album K-12 released in September and follows the literal growth of her Cry Baby persona, as she graduates […]


Melanie Martinez releases ‘K-12’ with full-length film

Melanie Martinez reprises her role as Cry Baby in her visual album, K-12. Cry Baby, the theatrical alter-ego of the singer, serves as the protagonist of Martinez’ debut album Crybaby. Four years following the release of Cry Baby, K-12 takes a more thematic approach at Melanie’s concept of world development. The album, which serves […]


Melanie Martinez releases new teaser for ‘K-12’

Melanie Martinez just released a teaser trailer for her upcoming visual album K-12. The album will be her first full-length release in four years since 2015’s Cry Baby. The trailer shows Melanie arriving to “K-12” school to the sinister looks of her class mates. The visual also incorporates some Cry Baby-esque instrumentals.  The […]


Fake Melanie Martinez story brings issue to light

A previously reported story involving Melanie Martinez commenting on Justin Bieber’s Insta post has been confirmed fake! We apologize to both parties for (unintentionally) reporting on a dud story. A screencap of Melanie’s comment has been circulating the internet with her Instagram handle reading: “You decided to get into a career where you depend […]


Update: Melanie Martinez confirms Justin Bieber comment is fake

Update 5/15: Melanie confirmed this story to be false. The comment on Justin Bieber’s Instagram was Photoshopped. Last week, Bieber dished out a new “no-photo” rule on an Instagram post claiming to feel like a “zoo animal” when fans bombard him with selfies. The Instagram announcement has over 140 thousand comments, and […]