Melanie Martinez

Fake Melanie Martinez story brings issue to light

A previously reported story involving Melanie Martinez commenting on Justin Bieber’s Insta post has been confirmed fake! We apologize to both parties for (unintentionally) reporting on a dud story. A screencap of Melanie’s comment has been circulating the internet with her Instagram handle reading: “You decided to get into a career where you depend […]


Update: Melanie Martinez confirms Justin Bieber comment is fake

Update 5/15: Melanie confirmed this story to be false. The comment on Justin Bieber’s Instagram was Photoshopped. Last week, Bieber dished out a new “no-photo” rule on an Instagram post claiming to feel like a “zoo animal” when fans bombard him with selfies. The Instagram announcement has over 140 thousand comments, and […]


Leak: Listen to ‘Bombs On Monday’ by Melanie Martinez

CODE RED: “Bombs On Monday” has leaked! Melanie Martinez’s debut LP Cry Baby is filled with dark imagery hidden behind the candy-coated walls of Melanie’s mind. Song titles such as “Tag, You’re It” and “Mrs. Potato Head” are not about the childhood games cradled in our memory, but instead tell darker tales of attempted rape […]