Melanie Martinez

Leak: Listen to ‘Bombs On Monday’ by Melanie Martinez

CODE RED: “Bombs On Monday” has leaked! Melanie Martinez’s debut LP Cry Baby is filled with dark imagery hidden behind the candy-coated walls of Melanie’s mind. Song titles such as “Tag, You’re It” and “Mrs. Potato Head” are not about the childhood games cradled in our memory, but instead tell darker tales of attempted rape […]


Watch: Melanie Martinez washes her mouth out with ‘Soap’ on ‘Conan’

Melanie Martinez appeared on Conan on Wednesday night to perform her Cry Baby single “Soap.” This marks the singer’s first television appearance since leaving season 3 of The Voice three years ago.  In the heat of her nationwide Cry Baby Tour, Melanie brought her quirkiness to Conan’s stage! With her band mates in matching animal hoods and Melanie in […]


21 Breakup anthems to celebrate being single

Omi may have found his “Cheerleader” this summer, but if the whole summer love thing didn’t work out for you this year, we’ve gathered 21 great anti-love songs that you can still get down to! P!nk, “So What” P!nk released this pop-rocker as an “F U” to her (former) ex husband, Carey […]