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Miley Cyrus to star in ‘Black Mirror’ Season 5

Miley is back on the small screen, this time via streaming service. The former television star, is set to star in the Netflix anthology series Black Mirror‘s fifth season.

The “Malibu” singer appears as a superstar in the season’s trailer. She portrays a musician who releases a robot to raise people’s self- esteem. If we know anything about Black Mirror, things are sure to go south.

“It’s not a doll,” a character later cries as the camera pans to the animatronic toy, made to resemble Cyrus’ celebrity persona. “That thing is poison.”

Cyrus recently talked about the performance on Howard Stern saying,“I’m really actually excited for everyone to watch. I can’t say too much, but I can say that I think I kinda hate everything that I do. Any time I leave anywhere, I think it’s horrible … I hate everything, but it was the first time that I’ve left somewhere feeling really proud of my work.”

As for the character Miley would play, she had minimal details:

“I play one character, but I play a lot of different sides of that character,” she said. “And there’s a lot of dimension to it.”

Watch the Black Mirror trailer featuring Miley Cyrus below:

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