Miley Cyrus

Miley releases teaser for Bangerz Tour DVD

Miley’s Bangerz tour DVD is set to release next week and what better way to excite fans than to release a minute-long teaser? With suggestive dancing, flying hotdogs, and a giant penis, the Bangerz Tour made many headlines with it’s fair share of wild moments. The DVD will feature the same […]

Madonna absent from her own party

Madonna continued her tradition of throwing a star studded post-Oscars party this year, only this time she didn’t even show! According to a recent report by Page Six, the Material Girl had previous engagements rehearsing for the Brit Awards. However, the absence of Madonna didn’t stop her A-list guests from […]

Miley Cyrus talks feminism and snobby sales women

Miley Cyrus compares shopping at Rodeo Drive to a scene in Pretty Woman during an interview with Austrailia’s Sunday Style magazine, which turned into a conversation on feminism. “You’ve seen Pretty Woman, obviously. Well, they (sales women) are actually like that,” Miley said. “If you walk in, they give you the […]

Miley Cyrus WON’T be featured in NYC porn festival

Following previous reports that the “Wrecking Ball” singer was showcasing a NSFW video at New York City’s Porn Film Festival, Miley Cyrus has cleared things up for everyone and won’t be doing that. According to Vanity Fair, the culprit that started this rumor was the production company who helped film […]

Miley’s Bangerz Tour on DVD March 24

Miley Cyrus is coming to slay your TV — again, and however many times you want! The NBC Bangerz Tour special that was filmed in Barcelona and Lisbon, Portugal, and aired last July is scheduled for DVD release on March 24 with plenty of bangin’ extras. In addition to concert […]

Miley Cyrus to be featured in NYC porn festival

That’s right! Bangerz singer Miley Cyrus will be featured in an exclusive video at the New York City Porn Festival opening night on February 27. The video, “Tongue Tied,” is an extended version of the artistic short Miley released last May and is expected to be especially NSFW when compared to […]

Cody Simpson releases new song featuring artwork by Miley Cyrus

Cody Simpson, now an independent artist after leaving Atlantic Records, is returning to his guitar-playing roots for his upcoming album Free and has kicked off promotion with the release of “Flower,” featuring artwork by pop’s bad girl Miley Cyrus. The singer spoke to Idolator about the new album and being able […]

Playlist: 16 empowering pop songs to beat depression

Building a website can’t be too hard, right? Usually for me, it isn’t. I love building websites. But POPULOVE is a life-changing, one-of-a-kind project that I’ve spent the past year developing despite countless personal, financial, and medical struggles. As I write this post, I am in a hotel room in […]