MTV hosts Beyoncéthon literally right now

MTV aims to set the Guinness World Record for “longest dance relay marathon” in the most flawless way possible — A Beyoncé Dance-a-thon!

The 24 hour dance-a-thon begins March 9 at 11PM est and ends March 10 at 11pm. The very important event will be hosted by Todrick Hall in Times Square outside of MTV headquarters.

This is the perfect time for all you “Single Ladies” to put your hands up! But if you can’t make it to New York City, you can always share clips of your Beyoncé dancing on social media with the hashtag #Beyoncethon.

This is only the beginning of MTV’s “Record Breaking Week.” Wednesday will begin #mostmeowsaminute, an event that has single cat lady Taylor Swift’s name all over it.

This entirely real event is dubbed the “Beyoncéthon” and will be live streamed on MTV’s website, but you can check it out below.

Leave us a comment letting us know if you think Beyoncethon is bootylicious or just ridiculous.

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