Nathan Sykes’ Debut Album ‘Unfinished Business’ Leaked


Nathan Sykes took to social media on Wednesday to let fans know that the release of his debut album Unfinished Business had been moved from November 4th to November 11th. Unfortunately, the internet had other plans.

Unfinished Business leaked late Wednesday night / Thursday morning with no clear explanation. At the time this was written, no official statement had been made by Sykes or management. Fans are attributing the leak to either an early release date in some countries or an accident by Google Play, which is letting users stream the album today.

Some fans on Twitter also claim the album is available on Apple Music, but we have not been able to confirm this. The album is listed on Apple’s streaming platform, but only previously released tracks appear to be playable.

Nathan Sykes was 16 years old when former boy band The Wanted was formed in 2009. The band went on hiatus in 2014, and Sykes, now 23, began releasing solo work soon after.

His first single “More Than You’ll Ever Know” dropped in March 2015 with an accompanying music video that boosted Sykes’ appearance from boy band baby to talented vocalist and professional dancer. Check it out below.

With a little luck, the early leak won’t ruin the album’s chance to top the charts in the U.K., but Sykes may not care either way. In an interview with Digital Spy, the singer revealed Top 30 is the new Top 10.

“With The Wanted, we’d look at anything outside the Top 10 as a disappointment, but now, because how the chart system has changed, you’re looking at a Top 30 record and counting that as a very good success.”


Pre-order Unfinished Business on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon today!

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