Neon Hitch Takes Fans Behind The Scenes of New Album ‘Anarchy’

In a video uploaded to YouTube this week, Neon Hitch gives fans an inside look at the making of her new album Anarchy. In the above clip, Neon and producer Johnny Whatt team up to record “Neighborhood,” the first track on the album.

The video was filmed and edited by Cedric Sequerra. In addition to seeing the track developed, fans also get a peek at personal details about the singer’s life. For example, at the time this was filmed, Neon was homeless after being kicked out of her last place for playing the organ too loud.

“Here’s a concept I came up with in rehab: ‘My mind is a dangerous neighborhood,'” Neon says before singing the track.

There’s a war, and my thoughts keep going for blood.

Anarchy hits iTunes next Friday, July 22. The debut LP is highly anticipated by Neon’s fans — called WeRNeon or the Tribe — who have been waiting for the singer’s long-play premiere since her initial album was announced in 2010. However, that album was something completely different.

Neon Hitch left Warner Bros. Records in 2014 after creative differences and has worked tirelessly to give fans authentic music that is unique to her as an artist. Manager Stephanie Karten has been a valuable weapon in Neon’s arsenal the past couple years and says Neon is the real deal.

“It seems like there aren’t very many ‘true’ artists left these days, which is why I’m so happy to be working with Neon Hitch,” Karten said on Facebook. “Being in the studio with her is straight up magical, and this video captures that magic.”

Neon and friends have been riding the promo train this month with the release of Anarchy’s lead single “Please” and a feature on the Borgeous / 7 Skies track “Lost & Found.” Neon will also appear in an upcoming episode of WeTV’s The Millionaire Matchmaker. Maybe she’ll even find her true love.

Pre-order Anarchy on iTunes today, and join POPULOVE for a live listening party on Facebook July 22. 


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