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Embracing Anarchy: A Day With Neon Hitch

In 2010, Neon Hitch signed with Warner Bros. Records in what could have been a career making deal. Two years later, she was featured in Gym Class Heroes’ chart topping hit “Ass Back Home.” With her uniquely authentic voice, she seemed poised to become an international superstar. But life had other plans and despite the release of critically and fan acclaimed singles, mixtapes, and EPs, Warner Bros. failed to capitalize on Neon’s talent. Now, six years after the signing, Neon Hitch has found freedom from the shackles of a major record label and is finally set to debut her highly anticipated first album Anarchy.

Anarchy isn’t simply a catchy name she tacked onto her album; it’s a defining aspect of her life, something that I learned quickly when I met with Neon Hitch on a scorching hot summer day in LA.

Her phone died. And considering the only way she knew what I looked like was from a small twitter profile picture, finding me in a market she and hundreds of locals frequent would be no easy task for her. Neon, not one to let a little chaos throw off her day, was able to get her hands on a friend’s phone to email me letting me know I would find her wearing a tutu. And even though I was wading through a sea of LA fashion originality, I was able to spot the singing sensation, shining as bright as her name.

We traversed the market set up with tents, selling everything from clothing, arts and crafts, to random personal photographs from random people. She was right at home there — having worked with such mainstream artists as the aforementioned Gym Class Heroes and 3OH!3 hasn’t changed her. She’s still very much the same gypsy girl who grew up on a bus. Only now, instead of traveling the world entertaining with circus acts, she’s inspired by her freedom and entertains with her music.

According to Neon, “Anarchy was completely inspired by freedom. My way of life. Living is all freedom based.” Like all the music she creates, her debut album is deeply personal. “I feel like this album is the most honest work that I’ve ever done,” she explains, “And not intentionally, but because I just allowed myself to flow.”

After taking a stroll down Melrose, browsing various shops, we stopped at one of Neon’s favorite restaurants and I tried a dish she recommended that smelled an awful lot like meat even though it was vegetarian. She doesn’t eat red meat; fried chicken is her meat of choice, made clear by the song titled Fried Chicken @ Night on her new album. However, based on how the day’s events began, she took this slight bit of disorder in stride.


She takes challenges head on and refuses to let them deter her — that’s not her style. Her style is as uniquely representative of her life as it is her music. Her body is enriched with tattoos, each sharing more unique stories of her life. And she has many more stories to share, so we headed down to Through Your Skin, the tattoo parlor where Neon had just a few days prior got a Coca-Cola tattoo, and she immediately started pitching tattoo artist “Awzer” on some new ink she wanted adorned onto her skin. After talk of different fruits and “the Brazilian bombshell” Carmen Miranda, Neon knew with her album debut looming there was still a lot to be done and she needed a phone to do it. So we got a ride with Uber and headed off to the Apple store to get her phone fixed.

For some reason we thought everything would run smoothly from there, but anarchy had other plans for us. At the closing hours of the Apple store, it was swamped with so many people expressing their need for help that their whole system was shut down and the next available appointment wouldn’t be until Wednesday. With that we decided we would head back to the tattoo parlor to get her latest design, after I took her on a quick detour to Sephora (the fragrance connoisseur in me had to go)

My day spent with Neon Hitch was like the best kind of road trip movie, complete with all the random adventures and nothing going as planned. As we arrived back at Through Your Skin, we spotted a man doing something very private in a very public alley in a moment that likely scarred me for life (a “you had to be there” moment we’ll save for an actualmovie) which Neon once again faced without skipping a beat — laughing at the shenanigans in front of our eyes.

I knew going in that this was never going to be an ordinary day, but I never would have thought a day where nothing went as expected would somehow find a way to work out so perfectly. In the chaos of the day’s events, Neon Hitch embraced the anarchy. “I do what I want, when I want,” says Neon, “I can’t control everything. You know? So I find freedom in the anarchy and live it sonically.”

Anarchy is now available on iTunes for only $9.99.

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  1. lol, sounds amazing. Anarchy is a MASTERPIECE.

  2. That day sounds as chaotic and fun as Neon’s personality… Also, YES to fried chicken! I love how spontaneous her life is and how she lets her experiences shape her music – digging Anarchy.

  3. fredflight

    Coca cola and fried chicken. Oh dear you should have stayed living in India Neon!

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