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Neon Hitch Opens Up About Addiction, Announces Next Single

Neon Hitch’s debut album Anarchy dropped last summer, followed by a couple features with other artists, but she hasn’t been around much this year aside from updating Instagram and announcing a deal with Cargo Cosmetics.

In a new video uploaded to YouTube, the star sheds light on the dark times that pulled her down and the career change that brought her back to her feet. For Neon Hitch, like many others, her greatest enemy has, until now, been alcohol. Her experience with drinking, she says, began when she was 15.

“For those of you who don’t know, I have had two very bad addictions: one being the alcohol, and two: bad men, bad relationships,” she explains in the video (below). “It just spiraled out of control.”

The story starts last year when Neon left Hollywood to see family and be with her ill grandmother in London. Much of the story is still unclear, but when her “Nana” passed away, alcohol became a tool for coping with the pain.

“The alcoholism spiraled out of control because I was extra in pain, the loss of a family member, shit that f—ing happens,” Neon says, also mentioning domestic violence and promising to explain that in another video.

When she returned to Los Angeles, she brought her addiction home with her but without a place to call home.

“I don’t know where I thought that I was going to go living the way I was, you know, the whole rockstar mentality. I am Neon without the alcohol… I’ve lost too many friends to alcohol, as you know, Amy Winehouse, God bless her,” she said. “I nearly lost my own life.”

In a shocking turn of events, Neon Hitch woke up one morning in the hospital. She had been found passed out, lying in the gravel outside of a gas station. When she came around the next day, the doctor told her she’d drank three times the amount that could kill an ordinary, full-grown man.

Neon Hitch: Neighborhood (From Anarchy)

“I just woke up and I was like ‘wow.’ I was taking life for granted, and life can just go, just like that,” Neon said. “This whole thing has been the biggest wake-up call of my life.”

Neon decided to self-detox, begin living healthy, and get her life straight, in fear that the alternative was not having a life to live much longer. She calls her experience “turning tragic into magic.”


“When I got sober, things started to really happen,” she said. “I could actually see what was going on in my life. Before, I just didn’t know anything about the business side of my career, which is very irresponsible of myself. Now, I have this new clarity, and I’m open to receive the things coming my way.”

With her newfound understanding, positive outlook, and focus on self-care, the universe was able to give back to Neon. An email from someone at Cargo Cosmetics arrived in her inbox not long after her tragedy, and the company had an offer that she says saved her life.

They wanted Neon to be the face of their new Emerald City line.

News broke in March that Cargo Cosmetics had signed Neon Hitch to be the face of their upcoming line, available beginning in September at Kohl’s stores around the country. The star will make personal appearances at many of these stores to meet fans and support both their fall/holiday line as well as her own line of capsule makeup products that will be available exclusively on the Cargo website.

“We are excited to bring Neon’s edgy take on beauty to her fans while introducing the Cargo customer to our latest inspiration,” said Cargo Cosmetics President Brian Robinson in a press release. “Neon has a very unique, fun and exciting approach to beauty that fits in with the vibe of Seattle, the destination of Cargo’s next collection. Her look and personality is so compelling that we were inspired to create an online exclusive capsule collection in addition to the regularly planned Fall/Holiday launches.”

While the deal with Cargo Cosmetics is a true milestone in the star’s career and contributed to putting the pieces back together in her life, her long-term goal is to help other people on their journey with the wisdom she’s gained from her own.

“You just feel so heavy sometimes, but you’ve gotta warrior through. You have to, and you can. If I can, and I was as bad as I was, then you definitely can,” she said on YouTube. “I have come out the other side, and now I appreciate life.”


Fans will be excited to know that Neon has been back in the studio recording new music. Her feature on “Poppy Seeds” with Party Thieves and JayKode was released in June, and a new single called “I Know You Wannit” will be available for pre-order on Friday when she drops the music video.

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