Neon Hitch, STOLAR, and more celebrate POPULOVE relaunch with free music!


Things are about to change here at POPULOVE! Over the next few days, we’ll be rolling out new features for writers and making it easier than ever to sign up and start posting. To celebrate our September relaunch, we hit up some talented friends to share new, awesome music with you guys! Click here to download the 2015 POPULOVE Sampler EP featuring Neon Hitch, STOLAR, The Nuckleheads, Tim White, and newcomer Chase!

Tim White – Become One

From his official website: Erupting fully formed from his family’s 8-track in April of 1991, Tim White spent his early years meditating on the nature of Coke vs. Pepsi. Upon hearing Eiffel 65 for the first time he turned his attention towards music and spent years of intense study under the ghost of John Lennon. Defeating his mentor in an electric violin duel at the turn of the millennium, Tim decided to use his newfound powers for the good of all mankind. Now, utilizing the very latest in reverse-engineered CIA mind-control technology to fight Big Brother, expect Tim White’s music from a speaker near you. Download Tim White’s music here Listen on Spotify, rdio, or Apple Music You can find Tim White on FacebookInstagramTwitterVineVevo and his official website, How we heard of him: POPULOVE Founder Timothy Alexander first heard of Tim White through Radio ARTPOP, a YouTube show dedicated to Lady Gaga and her 2013 pop release, ARTPOP.

The Nuckleheads – Olivia Pope

Eric McCoy A.K.A. “Well Written,” Myke Charles and Christina Grady A.K.A. “Pasty” are behind this themed musical performance group. The animated, hip, and youthful trio are new to the scene as of this year, but their use of African tribal beats and grooves sets them apart from other acts. Style plays a heavy role in the group’s performances, and they’re known to dress in everything from futuristic designs to suits, ties, and high fashion garb. Their debut single “Olivia Pope” is a tribute to the lead character in the ABC hit series Scandal. Download The Nuckleheads’ music here Listen on Spotify You can find The Nuckleheads on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Vevo. Check out the POPULOVE interview here! How we heard of them:  We pay pretty close attention to the music scene, so when world famous choreographer and creative director Richard “Squirrel” Jackson started posting about the group, we had to take a listen! The rest is history.

Neon Hitch – Pussy Power

“I grew up on a bus and like fruit on my head. Yes, that is my real name.” The ex circus performer, now singer and songwriter, Neon Hitch, is not your typical pop recording artist. Her story began in England as her family’s home burned down the day of Neon’s birth, forcing them into a wanderlust lifestyle. Neon and family began traveling throughout Europe on a bus pulling a caravan. Neon soon honed circus skills everywhere from festivals to freak shows, where she learned to swing fire and do trapeze. In addition to sporting her signature strawberry pink hair, Neon makes her own clothes, sells her own jewelry and headscarves, and has many tattoos that highlight her life’s odyssey. Neon now lives between Hollywood, CA, and New York City. You can find Neon Hitch on Apple MusicSpotifyFacebookTwitterInstagramSoundcloudYouTubeVevo and Check out the POPULOVE interview here! How we heard of her: Neon hit radio in 2011/2012 with “Gold” featuring Tyga and “Love U Betta,” both Billboard #1s. Tim began following her career in 2014 and was inspired by repeating themes of freedom, travel and community in her music.

STOLAR – My Own Way

Jay Stolar is a New York City singer/songwriter who uses his voice to sing about real life struggles. For his most recent release, “My Own Way,” Stolar spent 18 months working with the movement Love Is Louder to raise awareness for mental health struggles. “I’ve lived with bi-polar and depression my whole life,” he tells on his website. Until the release of “My Own Way,” Jay Stolar released music under his full name. Filming the music video, he says, inspired him to announce a new sound and name. Love is Louder is a project of The Jed Foundation created with actress Brittany Snow to support anyone feeling mistreated, misunderstood or alone. You can find STOLAR on Apple MusicSpotifyFacebookTwitterInstagramSoundcloudYouTube and How we heard of him: POPULOVE Staff Corey Ware and Timothy Alexander were attending a new music seminar in New York City this June where STOLAR performed. Immediately, we knew we wanted to work with him. Want to hear what we heard? Click here to listen to the Skeleton Love EP.

Chase – It’s Over

Meet the freshest artist on our EP! Chase is an Indiana native currently studying at university in White Plains, New York. You can find Chase on Apple MusicFacebookYouTube, and Soundcloud. How we heard of him: “A friend sent me a text message one night and said ‘you’re going to be a millionaire.’ Obviously, anyone who says that isn’t being serious. But he had this guy he met send me a few of his tracks, and I was blown away.” – Timothy Alexander, POPULOVE Founder

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