Neon Hitch

Neon Hitch Opens Up About Addiction, Announces Next Single

Neon Hitch’s debut album Anarchy dropped last summer, followed by a couple features with other artists, but she hasn’t been around much this year aside from updating Instagram and announcing a deal with Cargo Cosmetics. In a new video uploaded to YouTube, the star sheds light on the dark times that pulled her […]


Embracing Anarchy: A Day With Neon Hitch

In 2010, Neon Hitch signed with Warner Bros. Records in what could have been a career making deal. Two years later, she was featured in Gym Class Heroes’ chart topping hit “Ass Back Home.” With her uniquely authentic voice, she seemed poised to become an international superstar. But life had […]


10 Quotes That Prove the Music Industry Needs a Revolution

1. When Lady Gaga started defending Kesha Rose against Dr. Luke, she admitted she and other artists are afraid of the industry. “Nobody wants to say anything implicitly against anyone. Number one, because none of us are vindictive people. We don’t want to hurt anybody. But number two, I think […]


Neon Hitch is a Triple Threat on New Single “Please”

Multicultural pop princess Neon Hitch is back to the grind this year with a promising debut album out this month. Neon released the lead single “Please” on Friday with the album pre-order (click here). Since leaving Warner Bros. Records in 2014 following artistic differences and industry disorganization, Neon Hitch has held her […]


Listen: Neon Hitch – Fresh Out The Box

The music gods have rounded off an awesome weekend with an upbeat leak! Fans of Neon Hitch discovered a track titled “Fresh Out The Box” leaked on Soundcloud. The London-born travelling performer and pop star has been silent about the leak so far, but don’t be surprised if a final […]


Neon Hitch teams up with IMVU for new music video

Neon Hitch certainly has been getting into tech a lot lately! Her recent partnerships with IMVU, plus teaming with Microsoft to build an API using her own lingo? That’s hardcore tech for a girl who was raised on a bus in the woods. Her latest endeavor is a collaboration with IMVU […]