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Nick Jonas’ ‘Kingdom’ co-star is not a fan of his music

Frank Grillo, who plays Nick Jonas’ father in TV drama series Kingdom, is not a fan of Nick’s music!

Grillo told People Jonas’ style doesn’t appeal to him, but recently praised his acting skills.

“God bless him, I’m sure it’s great music, but no…” Grillo said. “I love Jack White.”

He added, “He wants to be everything and he can do all those things. We brought Nick in before he was a pop star. He’s a young guy and he works hard. He’s professional, he’s a sweetheart; he’s trying to juggle this amazing career. He’s great.”

Though, the actor wasn’t totally on board with bringing the Jonas Brother onto the show in the first place. Moments before his audition, Grillo questioned if Nick Jonas had enough grit to star in the series.

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Frank recalled the audition. “I was against it… I said, ‘No, never gonna happen…’ I had done a movie called Warrior which is like the martial arts movie and I said, ‘I have a lot at stake here… He’s not doing it, forget it. Don’t even send him in’.”

“They sent him in… 30 guys come in and he was one of the last guys (to audition) and I sat there and I read with him and I looked at the producers and I said, ‘He’s the guy…’ He was that much better than everyone else.”

You can check out Nick Jonas and Frank Grillo in Kingdom on Wednesday nights on DIRECTV’s Audience channel.

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