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Nick Jonas dismisses Jonas Brothers reunion, talks LGBT fans

Despite the new trend of Disney remakes, Netflix reboots, and music industry comebacks, the Jonas Brothers will not be reuniting any time soon. In an interview with, “Chains” hitmaker Nick Jonas talked about the idea of a reunion, LGBT fans, and cancelled tour dates.

If you’re looking forward to Joe, Nick, and Kevin releasing new music together, don’t hold your breath. Nick says that, even though he and Joe are roommates and always writing music, a reunion is not on anyone’s mind.

“I’m not sure about a Jonas Brothers reunion,” Nick said. “I think that we’re all very happy doing our own thing. And our oldest brother, Kevin, is expecting another baby with his wife, so it’s exciting times for everybody.”

The Scream Queens star went on to discuss playing two gay characters on TV, his reaction to drag kings doing Nick Jonas impersonations, and why he chose to cancel tour dates in North Carolina. Get the highlights below or head over to PrideSource for the full feature.


On lesbians dressing up in Nick Jonas drag: 

Well, it’s an honor, you know, first of all. I feel very honored! (Laughs) I think the tips would be, make sure the jeans are fairly tight – not too tight, but tight enough. And I do a lot of face touching, I’ve noticed, so maybe incorporate that into the act and it’ll all work.

On visiting The Abbey, a prominent LGBT club in Los Angeles:

It was just a good environment overall. People were very welcoming and we had a good time and we hung out and had a couple of drinks. And they played our music too, which is always nice when you’re at a club. The DJ was being friendly. (Laughs)

His advice for straight guys who are uncomfortable with the idea of visiting a gay club:

In the same way I feel like there’s no difference with my fans, gay or straight, the same thing applies to the club. And you can have a good time anywhere you go if you just choose to have a good time. I think it’s a unique environment to be in – and it’s a fun place and they play great music, (laughs) and as long as you’re willing to go in and have fun, I think it’s all good.

How he feels about people who think he is gay:

I think people are gonna make their assumptions regardless, you know? And I’m a heterosexual male who’s playing two gay characters on TV shows and really doing my best to be the most accepting and loving person I can be because I think that’s the way we all should be. So, if people have opinions or thoughts on my sexuality, that’s on them. I know who I am and I’m comfortable with who I am.

Why he and Demi Lovato chose to cancel tour dates in North Carolina in response to the state’s anti-transgender bathroom law: 

It’s an incredibly tough situation overall and one that we thought really hard about. Speaking with Demi and the whole team, the thought was, we needed to do our best to take a strong stand, and although it’s difficult and it’s gonna be a disappointment to our fans who were looking forward to the shows, we feel that it’s the right thing to do. Sometimes you gotta go with your gut feeling and do your best to help a situation. Hopefully our fans understand and stand with us. We’re trying to do our humble part. A change would be good.

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