Nobody wanted to join Ed Sheeran’s band

Ed Sheeran has become quite successful in the last few months, with three Grammy nominations, a performance with Beyoncé, and two Brit awards. However, the music career hasn’t always been so kind to Ed!

Speaking to German magazine Bravo, Ed Sheeran reveals he tried to start a band when he was 11, but nobody wanted to work with him.

“I was a nerd with red hair and glasses. Aged 11, I decided I wanted to form a band. But nobody wanted to join me because I wasn’t cool enough,” he said.

The “Thinking Out Loud” singer is now an award-winning solo artist who’s best friend is Taylor Swift! I bet some people are wishing they had joined his band when they had the chance.

While Ed has been soaking in all the success of his latest album, X he assures fans he is working on some new tracks.

“After this tour, I’ll write and record new songs,” he shares.

It was recently announced that Ed will premiere a brand new video at the upcoming YouTube Music Awards.


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