NTFRMHRE is ready to let the world knew he’s arrived with his new track, “Somebody Like You ft. Scott Thomas”

Let’s all stop what we’re doing and put our headphone jacks in and listen to a new EDM artist that has a sound like no other. We bring you NTFRMHRE, who is an EDM producer from Philadelphia, and is known around his home state for his electrifying rhythm and is one of the hidden talents that Philadelphia loves to boast. HIs love for Techno, Bigh House, Trance, and other musical styles that have some kind of resemblance to Electro-type music has influenced him to shift into a more dynamic style of beat making and move a bit away from the classic Hip Hop and Reggae sounds he was once known for. Want to know how he’s different from the rest? It’s because he’s not from this planet. His alter ego is NTFRMHRE, which is his “yang” personality that stands for “Not From Here”. Crazy, right?! “Somebody Like You ft. Scott Thomas” is his newest track that will cement his status as the EDM artist who produces track that aren’t meant for humans.
Producing may be his main focus right now, he is still pursuing his love for music in many other ways. In fact, he works with children of Philadelphia to help inspire them and pass along his love for music. It provides a great escape, not just for him, but the children as well get a great experience and a deeper appreciation. Get this; he also is the composer for the NFL Philadelphia Eagles Drumline, insane!
NTFRMHRE is on a mission, on a mission to reach out and inspire EDM fans across the globes, and it all starts with “Somebody Like You ft. Scott Thomas”. Listen now and feel inspired.
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