"O Holy Night" is given a transcendent rendition by Abigail Winzer

“O Holy Night” is given a transcendent rendition by Abigail Winzer


The true nature of Christmas music that keeps the soul and essence of the holiday spirit, now that’s something true artists can do.  The heavenly vocals from the soprano vocalist Abigail Winzer recreates the Christmas classic, “O Holy Night” with tones that can only be described as being celestial. We are able to listen to beautiful melodies provided by a soothing flute to bring a calmness that the Christmas spirit was once known to embody. It is unfortunate to know that Christmas is now only known for shopping and food but we conveniently forget what Christmas should really be about, love.

Abigail Winzer proclaims to the heavens with her lovely voice in  “O Holy Night” so that everyone on Earth can listen and feel the warmth that her love can bring. Her vocal range is astounding and the perfect way she emphasizes certain syllables in a word shows how in tune she is with the lyrics, studied them to perfection. That is what it takes to recreate a beautiful rendition of a holiday classic that we already love as an original. We should admire Abigail Winzer for her courageous spirit to sing holiday songs that have been sung well many times before. She should be applauded for adding in her own style that separates her from the rest, her celestial voice that rings in the heavens and the Earth. We can feel every word she sings, warming our very souls for the cold winter season. Please, join Abigail Winzer in her quest to show the world what they have forgotten, love for one another in a time when giving should come second nature. Listen to “O Holy Night” below and let Abigail Winzer warm your soul.