One listen is all it takes to fall in love with AudioDamn!

Hipsters, beware: In the near future, you’ll meet squealing, die-hard fans who didn’t even know about AudioDamn! before you did. Because you’re hearing their debut single right now!

High school arguments aside, Epic Records has launched promotion for a new band called AudioDamn!, and they’re coming for your heart. Debut singles are always hit or miss, and “Lights Out” hits as hard as lead singer Oliver “Oli” Wimmer’s nerdy sex appeal. Joined by guitarist Ali Grumeth and drummer Daniel “Mudi” Mudrack, the band’s energetic chemistry helps create an infectious sound that is best described as soul-pop with a punk rock twist. Here’s your first taste, America:

AudioDamn!, originally called amsterdamn! when Wimmer and Grumeth met in 2009, prides itself on unfettered creativity. After Wimmer and Grumeth write a song together, the music is allowed to evolve with each performance, even crossing genres.

“We might sit down at the piano and write an R&B ballad,” says Grumeth, “and then go into the rehearsal room, turn into our own cover band, and just totally crush it into something much grittier.”

“Lights Out” was first written as a ballad performed on an acoustic guitar, but rehearsals brought life to the track with jagged guitar riffs, urgent harmonies, and an energy that is rare for industry newcomers. Another track on their upcoming album, “Radar,” began as an a capella track before warping into an R&B-inspired pop track with heart wrenching vocals from Wimmer.

In 2011, Wimmer and Grumeth met Mudrack while enrolled at Popakademie Baden-Württemberg, or Germany’s University of Popular Music and Music Business. The trio began playing together, and AudioDamn! was born.

“We were amazed at how well it all came together and how fast everything got rolling, because we really just started this all for fun,” says Grumeth.

“So many bands get caught up in what their concept’s going to be, or how they’re going to look—just like we did before we started AudioDamn!,” adds Wimmer. “But for this band it’s always been about the fun of making music, and I think that’s something that people can really feel when we play.”

AudioDamn!’s fun times are highlighted in a video they probably didn’t know we saw, but this clip from their pre-Vevo channel on YouTube is a goofy candid moment in the studio.

“To us, all that matters is good songs,” Grumeth notes. “We listen to hip-hop and folk and punk and jazz; the style of music doesn’t mean anything to us…. When we’re making something we usually say to ourselves, ‘What should we probably be doing here? Okay, let’s do the opposite of that. We love the challenge of doing things in a new and different way. There’s a lot of fun in that challenge.”

The fun comes through in “Lights Out” and leaves us wanting more! AudioDamn!’s debut EP is expected early next year, but the Germany-based group will start touring the U.S. later next month. Stay tuned at POPULOVE for show dates and more music from AudioDamn! leading up to their full-length debut.

Can’t wait for new music? Check out thia live performance of “Radar” at KISS 95.1 below!

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