Paul Rey is destined for success, and you should join the ride

Jordan Jayro and I were given an exclusive opportunity to meet Epic Record’s latest talent Paul Rey at a private showcase in LA tonight. I want you to remember that word when you think of Paul Rey: talent. The dude has talent.

Paul Rey, my new favorite male recording artist, took the stage at The Hotel Café tonight and owned it. The ladies in the room screamed for him, and no one was left unimpressed.

“Paul Rey is the kind of artist that you’ll only need to experience once before you’re hooked,” Jordan told me after the show. “I’m a fan, and I’ll never feel otherwise.”

I’d like to compare Paul Rey to a male recording artist already in the mainstream, but I can’t stick to just one because he has the best qualities of so many. His vocals fill a room like Sam Smith’s, powerful while smooth. His looks could compete with all of One Direction. His stage presence, much like Adam Levine’s, emits an inescapable energy that crowds feast on.

After tonight, I asked myself how someone could have as much talent as Paul Rey and not be a household name. Here’s the answer: practice makes perfect. Paul Rey isn’t new to the music game; America just didn’t know he was playing.

23-year-old Paul Rey is originally from Sweden, where he released his debut album in 2012. The album was a collection of his life experiences told through rap. He was nominated for Best Solo Artist of the Year and Best Newcomer of the Year at Sweden’s Kingsize Gala. A year later, Paul began to explore singing and evolve his sound as an artist.

With that evolution came the opportunity to expose his sound to North America (and we are ecstatic to have him). In an interview with POPULOVE last month, Paul Rey felt “Good As Hell” about his current success.

“It’s such a great feeling for me to even be on the phone telling you this right now having a record deal, releasing a single, having a video in Brooklyn,” he said, “that was all a dream three years ago. I’m just happy.”

Paul Rey is absolutely, without a doubt destined for major success. If there’s any problem with this rising star, it’s that you have to see him live to love him like we do. His music is great, lyrics well-written, but to hear the true power of his voice, you have to see Paul live. Get your wallets out, ladies and gentlemen. Paul Rey is ready to see the states, and you don’t want to miss him while he’s here.

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