Tuesday, October 4

Preview Slow CPS in Ren’Py

## Response to/Adapted from methanoliver https://gist.github.com/methanoliver/bbb026b2c6daeb9b7aae508314e30cfd
## and Lezalith: https://gist.github.com/Lezalith/f6ea469f10f10d21f53c2c5f592cd12f
## This is a version specifically geared towards display on the preferences screen.

init -10 python:
    class PreviewSlowText(renpy.Displayable):
        A class to display a preview of the current CPS settings.
        text : string
            The text to display for this displayable preview.
        properties : dict
            Optional keyword arguments that will be applied to the text
            to style it.
        def __init__(self, text, **properties):

            super(PreviewSlowText, self).__init__()

            # Store original arguments for recreating the Text child later
            self.original_text = text
            self.original_properties = properties

            # Text displayable that represents PreviewSlowText.
            self.current_child = self.new_text()

            # The "start time" of the animation
            self.start_st = None
            # The current st of the animation
            self.current_st = 0

        def new_text(self):
            """Create a new Text object with the current CPS."""

            return Text(self.original_text, slow_cps=preferences.text_cps,

        def update_cps(self):
            """Update the displayable to show the text at the new CPS."""
            self.current_child = self.new_text()
            self.start_st = self.current_st

        def render(self, width, height, st, at):
            """Render the text to the screen."""

            # Record when this animation is starting
            if self.start_st is None:
                self.start_st = st
            # Keep track of the current st
            self.current_st = st

            # Trigger this function again when possible,
            # to test and/or update all of this stuff again.
            renpy.redraw(self, 0)

            # Create a render (canvas).
            render = renpy.Render(width, height)

            # Calculate the "virtual" start time
            new_st = st - self.start_st

            # Place the Text child onto it, with the adjusted st
            render.place(self.current_child, st=new_st, at=at)

            # Return the render.
            return render
## Sample in the preferences screen
screen preferences():

    tag menu 

    default slow_text_preview = PreviewSlowText("This is a preview for the CPS") ## NEW!

        style_prefix "slider"

        label _("Text Speed")

        bar value Preference("text speed"):
            released Function(slow_text_preview.update_cps) ## NEW!

        add slow_text_preview ## NEW!

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