Little Monster Rapper Rockey Fiya Meets Gaga — And She Already Knew of His Work!

Little Monster Rockey Fiya Meets Lady Gaga

So I got the chance to talk with Rockey Fiya (aka longtime little monster Carlos Chavez) after he met Gaga at the exclusive Los Angeles Bud Light dive bar tour on the 27th. What followed was a great story of a fan’s work already being known by a star — a rare occurrence, and one to be celebrated! Who knows, he won’t say yet, but there’s likely something in the pipeline!

How are you?

I’ve been good — working on my music. I’m dropping my next Gaga remix today on Youtube. You guys will be the first to see it.

When was the first time you heard Gaga, and what was it that caught you musically and inspired you to write raps about her?

Aw, man. That Just Dance song. That is my favorite song, with Akon and Colby O’Donis. And Bad Romance. What really turned me on to her, was her freedom. The way she thinks about certain things — she’s not afraid. That made me fall in love with her. Her bravery. I’ve always been a Little Monster!

Where can we hear some of your earlier raps?

I’m planning on dropping the mixtape with those on there pretty soon. I’ve been getting thousands of hits, mainly on Youtube, putting out 3 or 4 songs a week. I’m going to be making more songs like the first ones for my fans, and I have a facebook page called Zombie Gang — it’s basically a music club. We have over 4,000 followers of my songs. It blew up in 2014.

I like “Sippin’ On Vodka With Lady Gaga”. I can’t believe I had downloaded it off Itunes way back in 2013… time flies! You mentioned Gaga retweeted that. How was it like meeting her on Thursday, and having her tell you she remembered your song?

It was CRAZY! Everyone was telling me, “Ask her if she ever heard your song!” And I’m not gonna lie, I’d had dreams about this. Wondering whether she’d really heard the song or not, or just retweeted it. It was crazy. So I approached her, and I was like, “Say Gaga, did you hear my song?” And she was like, “What song?”, and I [sang it to her].

“Sippin’ on some vodka, with Lady Gaga, I ain’t tryna, I ain’t tryna, start no drama”,

And her mouth dropped open. Like she was in shock. And she goes, “That was YOU? That was YOU?!”
It was so crazy! She gave me a hug and kissed me and everything. I saw her again after the show. She came outside the bar with her entourage. Paparazzis were popping out of cars… it was madness.

Here was Rockey’s original track that Gaga heard and RT’d back in the day:

You know, Lady Gaga loves all kinds of music. You never know what’s she’s going to play when she’s got her downtime; she has been known to play fan made tracks when she’s bored in bed at night. People like Michelle Treacy, got her start giving Gaga her music, and Hilly Hindi’s “Gagaween” song was retweeted and loved by Gaga. She’s always got her finger on the pulse of the fan’s work — she listens to a lot and doesn’t tell people, but she is aware. I found that out myself the other day. So never ever give up trying to show the world who you are.

What was the idea behind “Sippin’ ” when you first made it, when it went viral a few years back?

She was the queen. She is the queen, she’s flawless. I always felt like a king when I heard her music so I just had to do it. I was just freestyling with my uncle one day, and I said, “I love vodka and Gaga together!” and my uncle was like, “That’s the song. Right there.” And we rushed to record it.

What’s next for you on the horizon?

I’m working on a tour in the future. It will come after the mixtapes. Right now it’s all about the singles, seeing how well they do. The singles will be on Hulkshare, Soundcloud,and Datpiff. And I’m hoping I can sip on some vodka with Gaga soon someday!

What did you think of Joanne?

It is so great! I love Million Reasons. And A-YO is DOPE. I had to overlay some vocals over it. This is my remix of A-YO, I’m releasing it today. I love how she sounds when she sings, “Smokin’ em all…” It’s very catchy.

You included your experience of meeting her in the rap! That’s awesome.

Yeah! This is the track right here.

*Rockey proceeds to send me the link to his newest song, and I listen to it*

And I have to be honest — the “Paws up like Blue’s Clues” line is pretty rad — I never would’ve thought of that.

Thank you. It’s my pleasure. I want to tell everyone to stay tuned, I’m going to be coming out with some outrageous stuff. It was great talking to you!

You can check out Rockey’s tunes on Soundcloud or on Youtube.


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