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Reaching? Azealia Banks may have just worked with Nicki Minaj

Harlem-raised Azealia Banks has earned a lot of attention in the last few months, and the hype just keeps coming! On Thursday, Azealia might have hinted that Nicki Minaj will feature on a radio remix of her track “Ice Princess.”

“Ice Princess” hit airways this week as a new promotional single for Azealia’s debut LP Broke With Expensive Taste, which was released last November. Rumors that Nicki Minaj would feature on an upcoming remix of the track began on Twitter.

“You aren’t going to believe who’s on the ice princess remix !!” Azealia tweeted on Thursday.

The tweet came after a tweet by fellow rapper Nicki Minaj one day before which read “If my babies only knew what their motha was doin today HAHAHA.” Earlier in the day Thursday, Nicki followed her previous tweet with “ice cream sandwich.”

The general response to these tweets is sheer excitement, but some Azealia Banks fans think it’s too early to tell if the rappers’ tweets are connected.

“are Azealia and Nicki really doing a song together? didn’t they have beef a while ago? did they squash it? what’s going ON?” asks Twitter user @benadryl.

The beef that the fan is referring to may be the Twitter fight in 2012 (read more here). In the past few years, Azealia Banks has made quite a name for herself by starting fights with other celebrities over Twitter. She’s turned her career around as of late.

In fact, Billboard named Azealia’s performance at Coachella 2015 as the 5th best moment of the event, noting “her return to Coachella after three years was an important reminder: Banks can rap her ass off, sing impeccably and more or less kill a live show.”

What do you think of the possibility that Azealia and Nicki are working together for “Ice Princess?” Let us know the comments, and be sure to check out Broke With Expensive Taste on iTunes.

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