Review: Demi Lovato’s ‘Confident’

Demi Lovato took the summer of 2k15 by storm with the release of her first Confident single and “Song of the Summer,” “Cool For The Summer.” The first release from her partnership between Safehouse, Hollywood and Island Records slayed pop fans with its sexy overtones and magnetic synths, and essentially had us living for her new sound. Demi’s fifth studio album, Confident is a brand new side of the former Disney diva, and some of her best work yet.

Although, the 13-track record has little to match up to the bop that was “Cool For The Summer,” Demi does showcase a much more mature entrance into the pop world than we’ve heard from her 2013 release Demi. Reminding us constantly throughout Confident that she can in fact sing, Lovato blends her powerhouse vocals with melodic pop. In songs like “Lionheart” and “For You,” this is especially evident.

Some of Demi’s best work comes when she tones it down a notch, in the post-breakup ballad “Stone Cold,” we hear an honest confession of Demi struggling to understand her ex-lover’s new found romance. The piano-backed punch shows what she is really capable of beyond the catchy hooks. The other Confident ballad, “Father” adds balance to the album and while beautifully written, might get overlooked in the middle of a pop album. That’s not to take away from the pure beautiful darkness of it, however. In the ode to the singer’s late biological father, Lovato sings “You did your best/Or did you?/Sometimes I think I hate you,” with such honesty. “Father” shows the true confidence and intimacy 0f Demi Lovato’s comeback.

Some notable tracks from Confident also include “Stars,” “Confident,” and “Mr.Hughes.” There aren’t many “bad” songs on the album,though a few may have faded from my memory only moments after listening through it. Of course, I couldn’t forget Iggy Azalea‘s infamous “rap” verse on track number six, “Kingdom Come.”

The song is pretty good, but is a definite example of a track losing its charm because of a feature. Iggy’s career isn’t over quite yet, but this collab didn’t help her chances of returning to the peak she reached with “Fancy” in 2014.

Overall, there are more highs than lows on Demi’s latest release. She is definitely taking control of her music and it’s working. The downsides of Confident come when Demi attempts shows off her powerful vocals in nearly every track. While impressive, it becomes repetitive after 13 tracks. “Cool For The Summer” reigns as the supreme from Confident, but surely remains in good company!

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